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Our Ethics


You can rest easy… We’re not “Those Guys”… We don’t like those guys because they give the good guys like us a bad name. We take compliance very seriously, and adhere to a policy whereby we only work with opt-in records, which are people who have specifically requested information on the product or service we’re helping to promote.

Contact Center Compliance

Our systems are designed to remove anyone who appears to be upset, or specifically requests that we not contact them. Once our agents determine the person shouldn’t be called again, they’re forever put on our blacklist for all campaigns. That means, even if they were by chance passed to us again from another client, even for a different campaign altogether, we will not be able to call them.

We are licensed, and bonded to ensure strict compliance with state and federal regulations. In our experience, as long as we’re only working with optin data, and only calling prospects for a program they sought information on, we rarely will have complaint or issue.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can sometimes be a tricky business, people don’t like their inbox cluttered with worthless junkmail. That’s why we ensure messages are timely, relevant and we have permission to email them. When someone indicates “unsubscribe” on our messages, they are truly unsubscribed immediately. We will not email them anymore. We will not sell their name to someone else.

We ensure our clients messages are not deceptive, and contain all the necessary header and contact information so they can quickly and easily remove themselves from the email list.

It’s just the right thing to do, and our campaigns fully comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

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