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Strategic Partners

Squeeze is proud to partner with a few select companies to generate leads and sales across a variety of verticals. Our Strategic Partners include business relationships, and software partnerships to help us service and grow our mutual client relationships and interests.



xClosure has several decades experience in the direct response marketing space. They represent many leading national consumer brands including Little Giant Ladders and Fat Pipe.

The team at xClosure has developed many multi-million dollar sales campaigns in the direct response and infomercial verticals.


ENUF Direct

ENUF Direct is a leading provider of social certification and strategy to indviduals and businesses. Their social certification platform is quickly gaining notoriety in the business community, teaching techniques and strategies for individuals and businesses to better manage their online reputations.



Velocify is the leading technology platform for lenders throughout the country. Squeeze is pleased to be an integration partner with Velocify, allowing us to seamlessly integrate our platform with Velocify users. Delivering high quality, relevant lead data to mortgage professionals.



Five9 is a leading technology partner for Squeeze. We utilize their platform to manage APIs with our clients, and handle our dialing and list penetration. With both inbound and outbound capability, Five9 ensures we're open for business, rather than relying on a homegrown platform susceptible to breakage and downtime.

image is a leading data and analytics organization. They leverage technology and asset data to enhance lead data, which results in greater performance and conversion. Squeeze is proud to partner with iLeads on their Revive product, to gain greater insight into consumers position in the life-cycle. The result is greater efficiency for our clients.


Next Call CRM

NextCallCRM is a leading CRM provider for sales organizations including many lenders. Our platform integrations with NextCallCRM clients to deliver relevant and timely lead data to sales teams.