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The Tech and Team to find the Needles in your Haystack

Contact Center

What if your sales team could spend more time on the phone closing deals, instead of prospecting? Our qualified live transfers provide your sales team with a steady stream of per-qualified prospects. Increased efficiency and higher conversion rates.

Marketing Automation

Do you know what your leads are doing right now? Our state of the art marketing automation enables you to focus on your traffic and sales efforts. Whether it's lead scoring, routing or marketing communications. We juice your customers once they hit your page.

Email Marketing

There's no shortage of email platforms for you to use, but what can you do with them? Content and delivery, that's what determines your email marketing success. We have it figured out and we work hard to make sure the right message gets in front of your customer.

How do you find your needle in the haystack?

What our clients say...

  • Squeeze would be a great solution to improving your lead conversion rate on mortgage leads. I can't recommend them highly enough, the miles they will get out of the leads you are already buying would shock you. I have referred them to a few different partners of mine and they have all had tremendous success.

    DaveMortgage Lead Aggregator

  • I have loved working with Squeeze Media over the past couple of years! These guys do what most spoiled sales guys wont. They work the leads and they love working the “bad leads.” Of course everyone wants the golden leads or the “Glengarry Leads” but let’s face it, the real money comes from farming through your junk and turning that junk into money. This is what squeeze has done for us!

    EricMortgage Industry Leader

  • The email campaign worked fantastic, generating over 25% open rate, 8% click through and 37% conversion to application on our landing page, I'm very pleased with the results!

    Ryan OsborneCitadel Insurance

  • The team at Squeeze are tremendous at delivering extraordinary value while maintaining reasonable cost. Working with them has helped us increase revenue from existing leads in our database that we had failed to contact or simply failed to convert. I would recommend Squeeze Media to any company that works with Internet generated leads.

    Kevin R.VP Marketing, Finance Industry

  • Thanks again & keep up the great work. I spoke to our partner today & she couldn't be more pleased w/ the quality workmanship of your team.

    Harreson M.Mortgage Lead Aggregator