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Organic...Without any pulp

Consultative Sales

Consultative sales isn’t just a skill, it’s an art. We ask the right questions to decrease sales resistance, and increase sales acceptance. We know what to say as well as when and how to say it. We also know some Jedi Mind Tricks.

Lead Qualification

In Orchard terms, we sort through the bad apples. We make sure the prospect is qualified before handing it off to your sales person. We ask the questions that lead the customer down the path toward a buying decision. It’s just a numbers game, unless you’re talking to the wrong people. Oh and no one likes rotten fruit...

Live Transfers

You can’t make a sale, unless you have someone to speak with. Our team ensures you receive inbound, pre-qualified live transfers. Having a 100% contact rate allows you to focus more on the things within your control, like closing deals. Or, maybe you’re happy fat fingering a phone all day and enjoy being mediocre.

Inbound & Outbound

Our center can handle large volume outbound calling, as well as fielding inbound calls from your campaigns. Direct response lead generation, order processing, or lead qualification. And it's all Farm Fresh, without the odor...

Isn't it time for your harvest?

Smart Farmers Yield Great Crops

We're not going to tell you we're unique because we have a call center. What makes us unique is our team, and the results we produce.

Our philosophy is that our employees are our product. Our goal isn’t to make our client happy. It is to make our clients sales team love us. If your employees love us, you will love us.

We make your sales team’s job easier by contacting, qualifying and transferring real opportunities. Closable deals. We’re good at it, and our team yields great crops, only better than your cousin who plays Farmville all day.

Made in the U.S.A.

Let's be honest... American's like working with American's, particularly over the phone. We're proud to say our employees don't make $2 per hour, nor live in a tent city on the coast of a tropical island. Our sales people have names like Joey, Jonesy and Jackie and they salute the American flag...

100% Performance Pricing

We have built our company on the results we produce. Our performance based pricing ensures you only pay for the results we produce. We’re ok with that. It reduces your risk, and puts our money where our mouth is. You can feel comfortable scaling up a partnership with us, profitably from day one.


If you gave your sales person two leads, one from this morning and one from last month. Which one do you think they would call? You guessed it. It’s no surprise, sales people love new leads. We love the old ones… It’s what we do, and we’re dang good at it too. Our lead conveyor program recycles leads based upon their age, allowing us to comfortably recontact leads a few times per week, or once a month.

Coffee's for Closers

You got leads. Mitch & Murray paid good money for these leads. And nothing happens until you can get a customer on the phone. Right now you’ve got a $50k sales person on your payroll and he’s spending all day fat fingering a phone. Let’s keep them doing what they do best… Closing deals. With 100% contact rate, every transfer we make is someone to speak with your sales person. They’re more effective, the company closes more deals. Mitch & Murray will be proud...

No Limits, High Results...Get Your Slice

Fulfill All Your Marketing and Sales Wishes

What our clients say...

  • Squeeze would be a great solution to improving your lead conversion rate on mortgage leads. I can't recommend them highly enough, the miles they will get out of the leads you are already buying would shock you. I have referred them to a few different partners of mine and they have all had tremendous success.

    DaveMortgage Lead Aggregator

  • I have loved working with Squeeze Media over the past couple of years! These guys do what most spoiled sales guys wont. They work the leads and they love working the “bad leads.” Of course everyone wants the golden leads or the “Glengarry Leads” but let’s face it, the real money comes from farming through your junk and turning that junk into money. This is what squeeze has done for us!

    EricMortgage Industry Leader

  • Thanks again & keep up the great work. I spoke to our partner today & she couldn't be more pleased w/ the quality workmanship of your team.

    Harreson M.Mortgage Lead Aggregator

  • Carson and Team have been first class and amazing. 20+ years in the business and I have never found a call center like (Squeeze) – honest, direct, ethical – I can and will continue to be a poster child and endorser of your services; please feel free to use me as such as I would be proud to help.

    Chad ChurchNew American Funding

  • We're disgusted at how many sales opportunities you've generated from our unconverted leads. You generated over 87 deals in the first month, roughly $500k in new revenue from our woodpile.

    Jarrod B.COO