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Inbound & Outbound Customer Service

Our customer service program supports your products, and strengthens your brand

Customer Service Excellence

Relationships with your customers are extremely important. Squeeze understands how to deliver world-class customer service. We have the technology, process, and people to make your customer service program shine. With your CS program on auto-pilot, you can focus on delivering great products and services to the market.

Inbound Customer Service

When your customers are calling, you need to know they're being handled quickly and efficiently. Squeeze inbound support utilizes our inbound call management platform to ensure calls are answered in a timely manner.

  • Level 1 Technical Support

  • Order taking

  • Direct Response

  • Customer Retention

  • IVR - Phone Trees
  • Outbound Customer Service

    What are you doing to support your existing customers? Do you have a handle on your client satisfaction rates? Squeeze Outbound Customer Service will help you reach your customers, gather data and improve the customer experience.

  • Customer Experience Surveys

  • Warranty Service

  • Customer Retention

  • Payment Inquires

  • Upsells / Cross Sells
  • Business Process Outsourcing

    Squeeze can take your regular recurring business process, staff and streamline them to maximize results and efficiency.
    We have the latest technology and expertise to support your customers and become a vital part of your customer experience.

  • Data Entry

  • Lead Posting

  • Informational Calls

  • Content Management
  • Upgrade your Customer Service Experience

    Utilize Squeeze for your Customer Service Needs