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Pure Squeezed Sales Results

Sales Performance Improvement

Squeeze has successfully developed and managed many consumer product sales programs. Companies trust Squeeze to maintain brand integrity, and maximize sales results. Sales verticals include; Consumer Tech Support Sales, IRS Tax Resolution and Direct Response Infomercial Products.


Sales Results: Little Giant Ladder

Increased Sales Revenue & Conversion

Little Giant wasn't happy with their previous outbound sales team. We developed a sales process, recruited and trained sales staff which tripled their sales volume in their infomercial channel in less than 12 months.

Order Process Development

Squeeze developed an order processing tool, and integrated it with the clients merchant and order processing systems. This reduced the burden on the client to produce tools to improve the sales process.

Increased Visibility

Rather than focusing on sales volume alone, Squeeze improved reporting and visibility. Squeeze developed metrics to monitor Revenue per Lead and Sales Agent Conversion real-time. Real-time dashboards were developed to bring real-time visibility to sales agent performance.

Increased revenue per sale

Squeeze sales process improved average order size by 20% by developing sales packages which bundle complimentary products with the original product.

Inbound / Outbound Sales

Squeeze has developed inbound and outbound sales programs for many consumer product companies. Sales process development, Order processing systems, and CRM development. We can put your product sales into hyperdrive.

Sales Management

Building successful sales teams isn't an easy task. Culture, training and attitudes can all play a big part in your sales effectiveness. It doesn't take much to upset the apple cart. We know how to build and manage winning teams. We create a positive atmosphere and develop sales staff to hit sales goals.

Consultative Sales

When you're telling you're not selling. We know what it takes to uncover a clients needs, and deliver a product that's the solution to their problem. Consultative sales is an art which we've perfected.

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