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Lead Nurturing that automates your marketing with advanced technology

Squeeze More with Less...

If you’re like most small businesses, talented marketing professionals are a precious commodity. In addition, the right talent might be out of reach with your budget.

We help you do more with less. Our marketing automation technology and implementation will keep your finances in order, while having the best lead nurturing practices applied within your business.

The result is a 24 x 7 x 365 marketing machine. Now you can take that vacation you've been putting off, or play a few rounds of golf each week without any lost revenue.

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Squeeze Marketing Automation Will Tend Your Crops

Advanced Analytics

Our powerful website analytics constantly monitor your web traffic and provide valuable insights. Our dashboard provides visibility into keywords, prospect profiles, return visits, page views and even what company they are with before they even fill out a form.

Lead Scoring & Routing

What happens between the time a lead submits on your site, and your sales team contacts them? Our lead scoring & routing platform enables you to score leads based on activity, and route them to the best sales person, and the right time.

Lead Nurturing

Once a lead is assigned to a salesperson, what happens next could be the difference whether they purchase from you, or your competitor. Our lead nurturing integration, can push out period, sequential emails to keep in touch with your prospects, so they buy from you.

Campaign Design & Implementation

Easily implement marketing programs. Track campaign results to allocate budgets

Email Marketing Campaigns

Measure and report on offers, invites and other programs. Nurture your prospects with branding, features and benefits

Enable Search Marketing

Increase the number of relevant visitors from search referrals. Effectively convert these visitors into new leads. Low cost and fast to setup


Turn many more website visitors into leads and customers. Automatically nurture leads that are not ready to buy yet. Get alerted when leads become 'sales-ready'Turn many more website visitors into leads and customers. Automatically nurture leads that are not ready to buy yet
Get alerted when leads become 'sales-ready'

ROI Tracking & Reporting

Determine which campaigns (including traditional) are working the best or are most cost effective so you can adjust in real time. Know where your leads are coming from, including locales, keywords, emails, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
Determine if website lacks credibility or has poor navigation.

  • Dashboard Reporting

  • Visitor Profiles

  • Visitor Tracking

  • Lead Scoring

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What our clients say...

  • The team at Squeeze are tremendous at delivering extraordinary value while maintaining reasonable cost. Working with them has helped us increase revenue from existing leads in our database that we had failed to contact or simply failed to convert. I would recommend Squeeze Media to any company that works with Internet generated leads.

    Kevin R.VP Marketing, Finance Industry